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Home deliveries get underway again

Mixed vegetable box and some other bits and pieces for a local delivery from Parliament Hill Fields Lido

We are delighted that our customers have started ordering home deliveries again — several from Parliament Hill Fields Lido Café and a couple from Queens Park. Just a reminder about how the 3 dishes of the day order works. For the first order you select first of the three days and pay by card. For the next two you select day two and day three and get the food but don’t pay. The menus aren’t the same at each café – see below for what we currently have at the Lido — but you can always ask for falafel or a crêpe if you prefer.

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Snow today — we are looking for toboggans for our PHF Lido customers

Snow looks very likely from 10am today transforming the WW1 mud landscape outside Parliament Hill Fields Lido into a winter wonderland. We should have thought of this earlier but there is a chance one of Kentish Town’s shops will have a toboggan or two we can lend suitably disinfected between slides to our takeaway customers.

Is this what the dawn of a snowy day looks like?
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Do you want to make marmalade but can’t find oranges?

Hoxton Beach bought a van-full of oranges at the doors of the organic growers Ave Maria near Seville just before Christmas and we have some to spare. Just drop in at one of our cafés and leave your email details. They make great marmalade and you can always buy ours, but everyone’s taste is different (we go for lowish sugar).. The oranges were one of three bulk imports we made just before Brexit — the others were organic Burgundy and organic Greek olive oil.

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Home Delivery only for Wine Beer Cider

Lockdown 3 rules mean Hoxton Beach can’t sell alcohol at our park cafés, but we can organise a home delivery from Highgate Wood or Queens Park. It’s particularly sad we can’t offer our popular mulled apple juice with calvados or mulled wine. But we can sell mulled apple juice so maybe if it’s close enough customers can run home and splash in some of our Somerset Cider Brandy while the apple juice is still hot.

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Suspending Whitecross and Goodge Place stalls, Nags head stays open

With a new National Lockdown we are suspending our Hoxton Beach falafel stalls in Whitecross Street and Goodge Place lunchtime markets. With a new effort to keep people working from home it does not seem to make sense to keep going with these two office-orientated markets. But we will carry on in Nags Head given that Holloway is more of a residential area. If you work at Homerton Hospital we are re-starting our NHS staff service starting we hope lunchtime this Wedesday 6 January.