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Coming soon — home delivered wines from our Burgundy growers

This Spring we visited three of the four main wine growers we import wine from directly in the north of Burgundy. They are all from villages around Chablis that have been considered for nearly a thousand years as among the best in France, but which more recently have been eclipsed by the more famous Côte d’Or 80 miles further south. But now they are emerging from the shadows. ‘You got in at the right time,’ one of them told me. ‘When I go to wine fairs foreign importers tell us we are what the market is looking for just now: our wines are not too expensive but they are exclusive — other countries can make a Mediterranean style but what we have here unique.’

Céline Coté
Céline Coté at home in the village of Molosmes with a ‘unique’ white wine made from red Pinot Noir grapes
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