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Our New Burgundy Wines — please come and taste

Wine grower Céline Côte in her vineyards in the Tonnerrois, Northern Burgundy, ploughing with her mare Absynthe

Hoxton Beach is starting importing wine — mainly red Burgundy from the terrific 2018 vintage — direct from three growers which we will offer at unbeatable prices. Fingers crossed our first ever consignment will arrive in the UK on Thursday 4 December. Pinot Noir is the ‘heartbreak grape‘, so called because at best it makes the world’s most delicious and complex red wines but at worst is an overpaid disappointment, and perhaps for this reason most films about wine focus on the quest for great Pinot Noir. A top Burgundy isn’t cheap, but these are: nothing more than £20 and our main offering will be just £11.50 a bottle. The reason is they come from ‘wrong’ region — the area around Chablis. One of Britain’s most influential importers told me how loves the red wines of the Auxerrois such as Epineuil and Irancy, but would never bring them over for business reasons. They aren’t available in big quantities (on which a merchant can make a good profit margin) nor are they super-expensive, which again allows a margin. When they arrive in our cafés at Queens Park and HIghgate Wood we will do a public tasting. Please contact us at to give us notice if you think you may be interested.

UPDATE — the wines are in the country and here are our unbeatable unrepeatable etc price ..

Domaine Martin, Coulanges-la-Vineuse
Bourgogne Rouge 2018      £11.50
Domaine Hérouart, Coulanges-la-Vineuse
Irancy 2018   £ 16
Irancy ‘Les Cailles’ 2018 £ 18.50
Domaine Céline Côté, Molosmes
Bourgogne rosé 2018   £ 12.75
Bourgogne aligoté, 2018,   £ 13.75
Bourgogne Rouge, Cuvée Julia, 2018  £ 15
Bourgogne Rouge Épineuil, 2018, £ 16.50
Bourgogne Rouge, Cuvée Destrier (horse ploughed) £ 19.25

Luis Pato, Bairrada, PortugalSparkling Maria Gomez NV £ 15.50

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Lockdown – how different this time ?

In the spring Hoxton Beach sold takeaway falafel, hot dishes, food, bread, hot drinks and groceries from our cafe in Chatsworth Road E5. This time we hope our main landlord for the parks cafés the City of London Corporation will let us operate the cafés in Queens Park, Hampstead Heath and Highgate Wood in the same way, given that most advice is that Covid 19 is transmitted largely indoors and that access to parks is important to peoples’ wellbeing. We will also look to restart and expand our home delivery service, this time operating locally from all our cafés and not, like last time, just from Parliament Hill Lido. We have changed our website to make local ordering possible and get this running by Wednesday.

Cutting up cheese for a customer’s home delivery from Parliament Hill Fields during lockdown in late April