LATEST: from Monday June 15 we are re-opening our falafel stall in Nags Head Market, N7 6AG and our lunchtime falafel stall in Goodge Place, W1. We offer home deliveries in the areas around our cafes: the Parliament Hill Lido, the Pavilion Cafe in HIGHGATE WOOD N10 and the Pavilion Café in Queens Park NW6.. The Dorée cafe in Chatsworth Road E5 is open as a take-home BAKERY and to sell coffees and sandwiches.

Olive Oil and 'perpetual' wines

Arguably it's only in the summer that it's worth by ultra-high quality olive oil. It's wasted in cooking and in mayonnaise and it only comes into its own with very plain salads and very high quality ingredients. We are still some way from having any very good tomatoes, but our new Racalia olive oil could be worth trying with a salad of skinned new season's broad beans. Jonny Hazell who brought it in is a regular Lido swimmer and a descendent of the Ingham family who invented Marsala wine in the mid-19th century by fortifying Sicilian 'vino perpetuo' and making it into a competitor with the then-hugely successful Madeira. The Inghams lost their estate in western Sicily when Mussolini brought in laws to exclude foreign ownership, but they instead planted up the three established olive varieties. Grape and olive growing have many things in common, and the Racalia estate is now regarded as one of the leading estates in one of the world's top regions for olive oil production.