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Why Clissold Leisure Centre café didn’t reopen Mon 31 May

Adam from Coffee Passion installs new 3-group coffee machine

The Hoxton Beach café in Clissold Leisure Centre Stoke Newington had planned to reopen on Monday 31 May but this has been delayed again. The reason is delays in servicing equipment and upgrading electricity. At the moment children’s swimming classes are using the café space to assemble before lessons. Before Covid 19, which closed us for a year, we were basking in the praise of a rival leisure centre operator who called us the ‘best leisure centre café in Britain by a long way’. Post-Covid we expect to be less busy but will be working on eliminating queuing. This will be by going card only, with two card machines, and with the new coffee machine which with an extra group head (the bid the coffee comes out of) will mean people no longer have to wait for their Square Mile coffee.

Clissold Leis Centre Café
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