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New season’s tomato seedlings on their way

Rare pink tomato Pêche Vilmorin Andrieux (1890)

During last year’s first lockdown we sold all the tomato seedlings we could grow so we are doing the same this spring. This year we will re-offer the same varieties that were a hit last time: noire de crimée (black krim), sungold, green zebra and pêche vilmorin plus this year red zebra and stupice. We will list them on the individual cafés sales websites as soon as they get a little bigger — probably the start of April

4 thoughts on “New season’s tomato seedlings on their way

  1. Dear Patrick. I could not find a general Email so am contacting you this way (not about tomatoes). I have just bought your two books REAL WINE and THE WILD BUNCH a week ago and have just finished the REAL WINE book. I was amazed by the depth and scope of all the things you covered about the winemaking industry 20 years ago, the people you met and talked with, and especially about all the winemaking secrets that were there in your conversations with winemakers of that time. It is really the most interesting book I have ever read about wine (the other is Post Modern Winemaking by Cklark Smith).
    I think your books should be essential reads for anyone making wine today. In principle things do not change much. What you describe happening in France with small producers is now happening (again?) in Portugal. With the guidance of your books winemakers would know much better in what direction to go and avoid repeating mistakes. Unfortunaely your books are out of print and difficult to get. I need 5 books to give to my winemaker friends here and am buying up available copies, but maybe you should think of a reprint. I am sure it would sell out immediately!
    Anyway thank you so much for such an enlightening and exciting book and the pleasure it gave reading it.
    ( I have downloaded your Falafel recipie and we will make it soon. My wife is an excellent and passionate cook!
    all the best

    Chris Price

    1. Hi Chris that is lovely to hear. I really feel I hardly know about wine at all but I hope I asked some questions that were of interest. The basic rule is that wine books don’t sell unless they are by Hugh Johnson but I will ask if this rule is still current. My email btw is

  2. How wonderful to have a chance to grow tasty tomatoes! I’ll definitely ask for some .
    Thank you Patrick
    From Jocelyn
    A Lido cafe and shop frequent caller. Your staff have looked after us so well during lockdown 😀

    1. Great the seedlings are looking healthy and I am whacking them every morning which is the correct way to prepare them for outdoors life

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